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Soflo Customs

SoFlo JL Wrangler Nerf Side Steps

SoFlo JL Wrangler Nerf Side Steps

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SoFlo’s tubular, steel sidesteps combined rugged looks with real function to not only shield your Jeep from debris but provide easy access in and out.

  • Protects Jeep’s Sides (Length Of Full Cab)
  • Best Product To Get In And Out Of Lifted Jeep
  • Steel Construction
  • Fits JL

Product Specifications

Vehicle Service Type: Fits JL Jeep Wrangler 

Material: Steel 

Color: Black

Manufacturers Details

For over a decade SoFlo Customs, a division of SoFlo Jeeps, continues to transform the 4x4 industry with distinctive styling, functionality, and craftsmanship. Made in America, SoFlo has transformed hundreds of Jeeps, Broncos, Mercedes, and Hummers that dominate across the globe. We are now offering our proprietary Soflo Customs parts to your own 4x4 vehicle. We guarantee ease of installation, durability, and the ability to turn heads. 

Don’t get a product that is “so-so”, instead trust SoFlo. 

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